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Personalized Online Tutoring

FSS Online offers you a personalized online tutoring experience as well as provide tutoring services for a variety of high school and university programs in Canada.

Local and International Students can learn from home and successfully obtain recognized academic qualifications. 

The Benefits of FSS Online Learning

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Flexible Learning

Flexible learning schedules allow students to manage their classes at their preferred schedules, times, and locations.

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Tailor-made courses

Customize the learning experience and courses based on the student's learning styles, preferences, progress ,and their specific needs.

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Review the courses

With the tutor's consent, students can record and review the content during the class anytime.

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Save your time

Online tutoring allows students to concentrate on their studies. Students don’t need to spend extra time commuting to the school. 

How can FSS Online helps you to get the best scores

FSS Online brings you an online tutoring experience connecting you with our tutors or subject experts to support your study. Based on your learning preference, subject and testing schedule to get your best scores easily.


Understand your learning needs

To get to know you better, please provide us with your required subject, class time and specific needs. We will have our dedicated consultant connect with you shortly.


One-on-one personalized online tutoring

After analyzing your level and learning needs by our dedicated consultant, FSS Online will find you the right tutor to match with your study schedule and learning mode (1-on-1 or group tutoring). 


Book a Zoom online

After pairing a right tutor, students will make appointments with the tutor through FSS Online. Students then can use zoom to conduct online courses anytime, anywhere.


Post-assessment and follow-up

We will assess the class for student after a month. FSS Online ensures that our students receive the necessary guidance and assistance from our tutors. 

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  • Experienced and carefully selected tutors available in multiple languages

  • Free course consultation and course planning

  • One-on-one personalized online course based on students' needs

  • Keep track of what you have studied and your study status

  • The material covers all subjects for high school students

FSS Online programs are designed exclusively to help you get the best scores for different subjects. We will customize the learning experience and tailor courses to meet with your specific learning needs, FSS Online provides:

Why FSS Online?

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