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FSS Online Platform offers you with different school online programs, including School District 8 Distant Education, Blyth Academy Online (BAO) High School Courses, and Selkirk College Education Online Programs.

Online Tutorial

High School Online Courses

FSS Online also has two sets of Canadian public and private high school courses, allowing local and international students to study abroad regardless of geography and time zones, and successfully obtain Canadian high school/college diploma, and degree with graduation certifications. 

School District 8 Distant Education, British Columbia

The course allows students to complete the entire B.C. public high school courses through online learning. Students can also allocate their class time more flexibly according to their own needs.

The study time for each subject is from two to four months, can pursue multiple subjects. Students can also enroll in our specialized subject courses at the same time to ensure that they can get the best scores! 

It is a BC Public High School offering English, Art and Science Courses for students from Grade 10 to 12. Available courses for:

Grade 10

• English

• Science

• Basic mathematics

• Social research

• Calculus Prep

Grade 11

• English

• Science

• Chemistry

• Physics

• Accounting

• Earth Sciences

• Basic mathematics

• Social Studies 
• Pre-calculus Math

Grade 12

• English

• Science

• Chemistry

• Calcus

• Physics

• Calcus

• Law Studies

• Biology

• Social Justice

• Pre-calculus Math

• Anatomy & Physiology

If you are studying in another school district in British Columbia, and you want to join our online high school courses, you must have your school district education counselor’s approval before joining SD8 course.

*For residents of Canada, the tuition fee for this course is waived. 

BAO Online High School Course at Bryce Middle School, Ontario

Blyth Academy (School Number: 669675) is an academically rigorous online private high school fully recognized by the Ontario Ministry.


It is an honor FSS Online appointed by the Blyth Academy Online (BAO) to administer their online programs for students in Canada or overseas. The BAO offers a full range of courses required for Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), allows students to attend the courses from their home countries and receive OSSD credits and Ontario high school diploma.


BAO provides more that 160 online courses for students from grade 9 to 12. Students can have unlimited access to courses and textbooks, and get immediate supports from their teachers. The main subjects includes:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • English

  • Mathematic

  • Computer Science

  • Chemistry 

  • Biology

  • Physic

Studying in the Library

College/University Online courses

Selkirk College is a government-recognized public community college in British Columbia. It offers university transfer credits and language courses (English/French/Spanish). Selkirk has available courses for students who want to enter a higher education or further study.

In collaboration with FSS Online, they provide students with online university transfer courses. All credits student study can be transferred to various universities.

The Benefits of Taking Selkirk Online Courses:

  • The Tuitions are relatively affordable for students with budget constrains.

  • Online courses without geographical and time restrictions

  • The tuitions are relatively affordable for students with budget constraints.

  • The course does not require specific class time, students can attend the class based on their learning mode.

  • The courses can be transferred to most universities in British Columbia. Selkirk online course credits can be transferred to UBC, SFU, UVic, UNBC, TRU, UFV, CapU, KPU, TWU, Douglas and Camosun etc.

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